Monday, June 10, 2013


Last night was rough. At one point Jon looked at me, completely frustrated and exhausted, and asked me if it could get any worse. The truth is, yes, it always can given we have many luxuries most don't. That doesn't necessarily help in the moment, though.

Elden's surgery is scheduled for Wednesday. I'm not sure if I mentioned that we were able to get the surgery sooner than the end of June at a different hospital than the first ENT consultation and with a surgeon we liked much better, but we did. Around Friday night (?) Elden started with a cough. As an asthmatic, I recognized it right away as more of an asthmatic cough so we started giving him his inhaler every few hours. The effectiveness was debatable, so we opted to try to get in first thing this morning to see his doc. The papers the doctor gave us to prepare for his surgery indicated that if your child has illness (cough, fever, etc.) you will likely have to reschedule. Given what a nightmare scheduling has been for this procedure we are doing everything we can to avoid that.

We've just kind of thrown our hands up at this point. He's on an antibiotic for the ear infection but I'm not sure it's even working. That being said, he shouldn't have any sort of bacterial infection since he's on one. This would point to there being a viral infection, except his only symptom is the cough. It's just so discouraging because it's really hard to step outside of our situation and recognize that overall we have been blessed with a healthy kiddo. We also feel totally isolated and misunderstood at times. Whenever we tell someone we have a tough/challenging kid (particularly with the colic, inflexibility, repeat illness, etc.) we're usually looking to vent, for someone to sympathize with us. It's hard to find that sort of understanding since none of our friends dealt with the colic and all but one have kids who haven't really had any major health problems. We usually get the "yeah, kids are just tough" brush-off which makes me want to take someone by the shoulders and violently shake until they understand that while most kids usually are tough, ours has been unusually tougher. This parenting thing? It's no joke. This ish is hard.


We managed to get Elden in for an 8am. We're hoping to get some answers and I anticipate a breathing treatment and potentially antibiotic injections for Elden. We would greatly appreciate your prayers in the next 72 hours as we are anxious about this surgery, about what's wrong with Elden now, and we're also so ridiculously tired.

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  1. Oh, girl, I am SO sorry. You guys haven't gotten a break. So hopeful that the doctors have answers and suggestions and help for you. Wish I could be there to help or just hug you.