Friday, June 28, 2013


After an incredibly long, exhausting week (and an even longer, more exhausting event to get home today) I am showered and tucked into my own bed.

I had so hoped to see Elden before he went to sleep and had my flight been on time I would have. However, life decided to deal me lemons so I didn't stroll in until 8--about 2 hours after bedtime began.

I broke our rules and woke him up (accidentally) with a hello/goodnight kiss. He cried. Not quite the reception I was hoping for. His tears were but a drop in a bucket compared to what I unloaded throughout my traveling ordeal today. I'm hoping for a much happier response in the morning.

I will share some details about the trip soon, but right now I'm creeping up on the 24-hour mark of being awake and I am ready to crash. Gute nacht!

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