Saturday, July 13, 2013

dabbling in electrical work

Well, today there will be no half bath renovation. We agreed it was best to have a plumber come in to remove the completely corroded galvanized pipes in the walls from the basement to the bathroom, and no one can come until Thursday or Friday. Also, because the universe has a supreme sense of humor, Elden came down with a nasty (both QUITE literally and figuratively) case of pinkeye yesterday so depending on how his left eye looks when he wakes up this morning we may have to cancel. This is mostly on account of Nikki is planning on taking family photos for us before working on the reno and that would be awk if Elden looked like a pirate. We'll know by 7 for sure. Even if we do go through with everything, we will likely shift our focus to the sun porch instead.

Even though nothing new has happened with the bathroom, two exciting home-related things did happen yesterday. Our dryer bit the dust about 2.5 weeks ago and we finally got our new one (we also got its matching washer) delivered today. The only problem? The 220V outlet from our old dryer wasn't a match to the new plug. Feeling confident in my newly-discovered plumbing skillz, I decided I would install the correct outlet myself.
The washer!
Once Elden went to bed, Jon ran to Home Depot with his dad in his dad's truck to pick up some bathroom wainscoting supplies, bathroom floor stain, and the replacement dryer outlet.
The old outlet - our reminder pic, just in case
Together, Jon and I conquered the outlet change in about 30 minutes. Truthfully, the 2 hardest parts were figuring out how to remove the metal knockout piece (yes, we ultimately had to Google it) and getting the itty bitty screw to stay in place to screw on the guide(?). When it was all capped out we plugged in the dryer, turned the breakers back on, and crossed our fingers:
Success! All lit up!
I have a load of laundry in the dryer and one in the washer and I am so excited. I would have continued washing and line drying while we were dryerless, but we had a record 16 days of rain (which naturally lined up with our dryer disaster) so that wasn't an option. Reminded me how much I take for granted here!

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