Thursday, July 18, 2013

demo complete-ish

Last night we finished the final-ish steps of the bathroom demo. We removed the baseboards and several layers of crappy flooring until we hit the original hardwoods.
I say 'ish' because we have a plumber coming today to replace the disgustingly corroded galvanized bathroom sink wall pipes so I'm going to assume he has to break into the wall. We also discovered there was water damage to the hardwood beneath the toilet so we aren't sure what our next move is just yet. 
We're going to ask the plumber to check out that area and also prep the toilet drain for us (if necessary) so we can ultimately install the toilet ourselves when we're done with everything else. I also managed to hardcore clean the house last night (I may have gone heavy on the disinfectant spray) in an attempt to eradicate any pinkeye germs from Casa de Flip. I hope my efforts weren't in vain...

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