Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Our big, bouncing boy. Where to begin? Elden is a week shy of the big '1' and his toddlerisms are in full swing. He is stubborn like his papa and a schemer like his mama. He was gifted with a little walker/riding car that he has been scooting around on both upright and sitting. His favorites this week include being pushed around in the laundry basket (still) and turning the ceiling light on and off. Elden has begun pointing at things he wants and has signed 'dad' a few times (to Jon's delight). He consistently will crawl towards me and, if I'm standing, will pull himself up on my legs and reach up for me. We cannot believe that he is almost a year old!


  1. Seriously? One week shy of ONE?!?!? Can't believe it. Seems like just yesterday we were reading about each other's pregnancies!!! :)