Sunday, July 21, 2013


Pardon the extra late weekly update--this family has been knocked down and kicked over and over again when it comes to life and health the last few weeks. Elden actually currently has a cough and just got over an ear infection and a double dose of pinkeye. He recently discovered bubbles and he loves them. He also loves being pushed all around the house in the empty laundry basket. This week's firsts include first time standing for more than a second unassisted (about 5!), first time at Steak and Shake (he was an angel!), and first ear infection since getting his tubes. On that subject, the nurse practitioner we saw for his cough couldn't locate the tube in the infected ear so it either already fell out or it was just hidden by gunk. All four of Elden's first molars have officially cut through bringing his tooth count up to twelve. By our estimates, his canines would be next which I'm sure will be a blast but then we'll only have his second molars left! At the rate he's going (average age the first molars come in range between 13-19 months) he'll have all of his teeth before he's a year and a half. We're definitely ready to be on the other side of teething. Elden has been extra cuddly lately, probably on account of all his sickies, but I don't care as long as I get my cuddles in!

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  1. Few things:

    1. So, so, so sorry to hear you guys have had it rough lately.
    2. Elden looks so grown up in this pic!
    3. Holy moly, that's a lotta teeth!