Saturday, July 6, 2013


Elden has definitely entered an interactive phase at 48 weeks. He is very much into mimicry and will now fake yawn if you yawn, say 'ooooo' with the cutest little round lips, try and blink fast if you blink fast, and sticks out his tongue. He also gives kisses on the mouth which is adorable (and very slobbery). He is still a crawling fiend and can physically support himself to walk, he just doesn't have the balance to do it solo. He can consistently pull himself to standing. He spent his first night away from us this week and can also whistle (not purposefully, I don't believe). Three of four molars have popped through and based on the past few days I suspect #4 is working on its debut. Elden can be shy at times but it's not debilitating for him - he will still smile, make eye contact, etc., while burying his head against my chest. He usually warms up after a few minutes, though. Party planning is in full swing and we have now figured out his birthday menu which was easily the biggest obstacle for us. Getting Elden's weekly picture has gotten more challenging now that he is mobile because he always wants to go! go! go! so trying to get him to sit still is quite the spectacle. We can't believe we nearly have a one-year-old on our hands but we are also very excited to see what the next year in his life will bring!

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