Sunday, July 14, 2013


At 49 weeks, Elden has experienced his first case of pinkeye. We've been treating it with drops and he lets us put them in like a champ; in fact, he often giggles when we do it. He is right around 23 pounds and wearing primarily 12M clothes. He is getting better at pulling himself to standing and has even been able to periodically stand for a few seconds without holding on to anything. Elden's been giving us a good fight when it comes to eating lately so that's our current biggest battle. He LOVES playing patty cake, this little piggy, and giving high fives when prompted. We're able to tell he's tired when he rubs his eyes and rests his head on various objects (including, but not limited to: Marsala, me, his video baby monitor box in his room, stuffed animals, the floor). His ears look great since he got the tubes (we had 2 peds appointments and 1 ENT visit this week) and at the next ENT appointment they will re-check his hearing. He recently discovered eskimo kisses and thinks they're hysterical.

*You might have noticed a gradual progression of lack of effort for these weekly pictures. That's because a certain little person is quite unwilling to sit still and cooperate. We work with what we're given.

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  1. Cutie! Haha..certainly gets harder to take pics of them once they're more mobile, right?!?!?!