Friday, July 5, 2013

getaway part 2

We crashed pretty hard once we got back to the inn.
We watched an episode of some HGTV show (we're wild like that) and Jon did a bunch of homework for his stupid summer class. He woke up on his own around 6:45 and I somehow managed to stay asleep until 8:30! I'm chalking that up to a win. Breakfast included ham bowls with egg and asparagus, so you know I was a happy camper.
We ate at a table with the two other couples that had stayed there the previous night and actually had a really great conversation. We even hung around after and harassed one of the couples to continue conversing. They were from California, in visiting her sister, and I was super angry that they lived across the country because they were my type of people. I could totally see us being besties with them (not sure if the feeling was reciprocated, ha!) so it was cool chatting.
After breakfast we packed up and wandered town for a little bit before heading towards a place that was supposedly voted the "#1 place to take out-of-town friends to visit!" 
I think you know where this is going. Was it a literal house? Yes. Was there cheese? Also yes. There also happened to be a smorgasbord of other items.

We stayed a hot second before peacing out towards an Amish restaurant for lunch. Lunch was similarly disappointing but the pie was almost redemptive. Around 1:00 we headed back towards home where we excitedly squeezed our little man tight before putting him down for a nap. It was a big step for all three of us and we are so grateful to have been able to reconnect and nurture our marriage for a blissful 24 hours.
I highly, highly, highly recommend the inn and the Spoon Market. The burger joint was okay and you know how I feel about the cheese house. Jon and I hope to head back to the B&B again eventually! Also, we found our janky shutter building twin!:

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