Friday, July 12, 2013

half bath progress

I should warn you not to continue reading this if you have a weak stomach, are currently eating or just ate. When I thought the bathroom was disgusting as it was before, the universe decided to prove me wrong. Seriously. If you're in one of the 3 scenarios outlined above, you just need to go away. Please. For your sake.

Last night after work, our friend Bob made it over. Within about 15-20 minutes he had the toilet removed from the floor and out of our house.
Are you puking yet? No? Challenge accepted.

Sweet, sweet victory! Big thanks to Bob because without his help I'm confident that beast would still be in there. After Bob left and Elden was in bed, I headed to Home Depot to buy our new porcelain throne and also to get some advice about what I would need to install sink shut-off valves and how to do so. Enter the Home Depot Trifecta of employees. The 10-years-past-middle-age lady who helped me lift the toilet into my cart let out a big ole toot when we squatted to lift with our legs. Truthfully, I didn't realize that's what happened until she embarrassingly excused herself. I felt so bad for her--I think farts are great but can appreciate the discomfort of one squeaking by in a public arena. Just ask Jon or just about anyone else in my life how much I enjoy a good fart. No need for embarrassment here. If I would have been able to at that moment in time, I would have let one rip just to make her feel better. Either way, she understandably hurried away towards the back of the store and I wandered around for about ten minutes searching for plumbing accessories and a HD employee. When I came up empty-handed on both accounts, I approached a woman at the service desk with the hope of her paging someone and pointing me in the right direction.

Instead I was met with extreme condescension, sass, and general rudeness. She proceeded to basically tell me I was an idiot and if I tried to install shut-off valves it would end terribly and puppies all over the world would die.

I might have almost cried. Instead I got pissed and was determined to prove her wrong. I headed towards the back of the store where I stumbled into the plumbing section like a new 21-year-old at a bar. In the plumbing section was the sweetest and most redeeming old man who clearly knew what he was talking about. Not only did he tell me exactly how to install the valves and provide me with the necessary supplies, but he also helped me pick up a few things/told me how to install them for the toilet (needed a new metal plate or something). Unfortunately, he gave me the wrong size valve (1/2" inlet--turns out we needed 3/8" inlet and 3/8" outlet) but I'll let it slide since he was going strictly off a picture I took of the sink connections and I had no valuable contributions myself.
The picture he went off to guide me
Of course, I didn't know I had the wrong size until Jon and I (after about 30-45 minutes of fighting it) managed to get the sink apart and off the wall so I rushed back to HD with the fear that they would be closed before I got there. This would be a huge disaster because a) things would be leaking even with the water off thanks to what was in the pipes and b) we couldn't use our only other bathroom because the water would have to be kept off. Luckily, I got there in time and got home with the correct shut-off valve size. We ran into another issue with the cold water line--the previous owners had totally jerry-rigged it and welded pieces parts together to make a Frankenpipe:
When we removed this awful piece, there was barely any room left to attach the shut-off valve. We made do with what we had for the sake of calling it a night (it was now almost 9:30 which, for us, is like 4 am for most people). There's still a piece in there that needs to be replaced because it is incredibly corroded and clogged. Jon's mission is to do that tomorrow to see if that improves cold water flow since there was no cold water flow to that sink before (now we know why). If getting rid of that little section doesn't resolve it we will have to bring in a plumber. Either way, we're really darn proud of ourselves for getting this far:
Next up on the list, we're removing the baseboards and 3 layers of old flooring to expose the hardwoods underneath. We'll likely wait to refinish them until everything else is done because they wouldn't be dry for us to stand on this weekend if we try to squeeze them in. Other notable to do items include:
-create and put up faux wainscoting similar to this
-remove baseboard heater
-fix Frankencoldwaterpipe
-paint wainscoting
-remove any lingering nails/holes in wall; spackle
-paint walls/ceiling
-replace the disgusting cream-colored outlet and light switches
-refinish floors
-re-install and frame out bathroom mirror
-install new sink/trap/faucet we bought
-install new TP holder and towel ring
-replace ceiling light fixture
-remove disgusting old wax ring/random toilet remnants and replace/install new toilet

I might be missing a few things and we are definitely going to wait on a few of these items until we hit up IKEA in a few weeks, but I'm actually a teeny bit excited (and not just weary) of this project now.


  1. Hey lady! Thanks for your comment! I love meeting other local bloggers... especially those who are momma's! FYI that I tried to respond to you but you are a 'no-reply blogger'! Here's how you can change that...

    Hope to keep in touch!

    1. Ooh got it, thanks! And I'd love to keep in touch. I always turn green with envy at these bloggers who have wonderful communities of fellow bloggers around them where they actively hang out and do life together. I'd love to have that here!