Wednesday, July 10, 2013

on bathroom remodels

So naturally, since we still haven't finished our upstairs full bathroom remodel, I figured we'd start on a new project, also in a bathroom!

I've mentioned before that our downstairs half bathroom terrifies me. It's off the kitchen at the top of the basement stairs and is literally something of a horror film. The size of a closet, outdated, and just disgusting. Don't believe me? Brace yourselves for the before pictures:
Now, I have good reason (ish) for starting this now. Our friends, Nikki and Jim, are coming over this weekend to help us with the remodel--a date that we've had on the books since January. We are having Elden's first birthday at our house the first weekend in August and we wanted people to be able to use that bathroom instead of going upstairs for ours, so it was time. I also felt bad because my grandma has a hard time with stairs and would have to use that bathroom whenever she is over. 

In preparation for our weekend renovation, Nikki said it would be best if I could remove the tile, sink and toilet (and floor... there are original hardwoods under that disgusting linoleum that we want to stain espresso). I shut off the water to the toilet first and scooped out as much water as I could. At this point I wasn't sure if the whole bathroom water supply needed to be shut off (plumber I am not) so I waited to start unscrewing the toilet. I also didn't know how to shut off the sink (because, like everything else that is ridiculous with our house, there is apparently no shut-off valve directly at our sink, just in the basement) so while Jon was running errands I shifted my focus to that awful tile. I used a painter's tool and a hammer and chipped away. The tile came off surprisingly easy (I never knew, I thought it would be nearly impossible to get off) but the further into it I got and the sheet rock (probably not what it's called) started coming off as well, so I got all panicky:
It was at this point that I started to look like this:
"Why did I think this would be a good ideaaaaa!?"
I eventually got all of the tile off and shifted my focus to removing the sink. Jon shut off the water and, per my dad's advice, we ran around to the other critical water-using areas of the house to make sure they were still on. Kitchen? Check. Our bathroom? FAIL. So, the sink is still intact today. I need to go to the store and buy some local shut-off valves (is it a valve? a trinket? a thingamajig?) for the sink so we can turn off the water, install the valve/remove the sink, and turn the water back on without installing the new sink just yet. Since I couldn't do that, I shifted my focus to the toilet. I got one floor bolt off no problem. The other one is rusted together with its bolt and just kept spinning, spinning, spinning. So, I angrily started on the wing nut where the tank and bowl meet. Same issue on both of those as the rusted floor bolt. After about 2 hours of fighting with the bathroom I decided to call it quits for the night. We have a good friend, Bob, coming over after work today to try to help me with the toilet (and little does he know, the sink...) so that I can start pulling up the flooring in there ASAP to try to stain it before the weekend.

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