Monday, July 22, 2013


While 2/3 of Team Flip remains under the weather, the healthyish 1/3 trudges forward on the stinky half bath remodel.

Today alone, the aforementioned Sickly Two each had a respective primary care appointments and then 1/3 headed to daycare and 1/3 headed to work. Meanwhile, Jon began sanding the original hardwoods in the bathroom.
That picture was taken after the second pass with 2 remaining. Don't ask me why he's taking 4 total passes at it because I like to operate under the don't ask/don't tell protocol when it comes to hard work that I don't feel like being roped into in some way. Even just one pass is a far cry different from the other day. After the remaining sanding passes we'll move on to staining. Jon picked out a dark stain (specifically in the color kona) that I am incredibly excited for. Truth be told I hate the stain color of the floors in our house because I tend towards a darker/espresso-y finish and all of ours are a lighter red/honey hued. If I like how this turns out perhaps we will gradually refinish all the floors in the house to a darker stain... but probably not because time/money/life.

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