Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Please forgive me for that awful band reference in the title of this post; I couldn't resist. Last night, my superhero finished his last two passes at sanding and also stained our half bath floor!
 Look at how beautiful that freshly sanded floor is!

I feel like none of these pictures do the color of the floor justice. Hopefully as we continue the project we will be able to do their deep brown hues justice in more natural light.
Today Jon is laying down the first urethane coat and hopefully final urethane coat. The next item on our list is remove the baseboard heater and begin the wainscoting. Slowly but surely this room is coming together! And quick update:
-create and put up faux wainscoting similar to this
-remove baseboard heater
-fix Frankencoldwaterpipe
-paint wainscoting
-remove any lingering nails/holes in wall; spackle
-paint walls/ceiling
-replace the disgusting cream-colored outlet and light switches
-refinish floors
-re-install and frame out bathroom mirror
-install new sink/trap/faucet we bought
-install new TP holder and towel ring
-replace ceiling light fixture
-remove disgusting old wax ring/random toilet remnants and replace/install new toilet

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