Wednesday, July 31, 2013

vaca recap: friday

After getting into VA on Thursday evening, we hung out with Sally's parents (Dottie & Glenn) while we waited for Sally and her brother (Mark) to arrive. Elden stayed up until about 8:30 and then we bathed him and laid him down in his pack n play around 9. At this point he was exhausted so he passed out easily. We. were. amped. given the fact that just 4 months ago he wanted nothing to do with it while we were in Chicago. Around 9:30 Sally arrived and Mark arrived about two hours later. We spent the night catching up and eating incredible chicken tortilla soup until we went to bed around midnight.

On Friday morning Jon got up with Elden and let me sleep in a bit (hero).
playing with Dottie
playing in the porch
jon being a model
After some playing and a nap we headed out to Georgetown so Jon could check out the campus because he's interested in applying there for his PhD. It was his only request of the trip so we had to honor it :) He absolutely loved it and I gotta say, the campus and its surrounding neighborhood were gorgeous. After about an hour we headed to The Italian Store in Arlington for subs that Sally raved about (she was right on the money). Following lunch and another nap, we headed to a concert in the park picnic. By this time, we had two other lovely people join us and we set up shop on a pretty secluded area of grass to chow down with the sound of an 80s cover band as our background music. 
not so sure about Uncle Mark
sally & sharm
playing with Kirsten
Elden loved being able to crawl all over and eat tons of different food (shocker) and we were able to stay there until about 8:00. From there we had to take a picture of Elden Street (but seriously, what are the odds?) and get frozen custard before heading back to the homestead to put Stinker to bed. 
After he was asleep we continued talking late into the evening before retiring a mere 45 minutes before someone decided he didn't want to sleep any longer. We were up until about 3 am with Elden until he went back to bed for the remainder of the night. Bless Sally and Dottie for watching our guy Saturday morning so Jon and I could recover a bit...

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