Monday, July 29, 2013

vacation stats

Since we just got back from a long weekend vacation just outside of D.C. to visit one of my best friends and her family, we're having a mad dash of catching up and prepping for Elden's first birthday bash. I intend on writing what will likely be multiple posts, including some tips on driving long distances with a toddler, Elden's 51-week recap (woof), etc. in the coming days. In the meantime, a picture and some stats:
2 - nights Elden slept in his pack n play without much (if any) drama
11 - blueberries consumed by Elden while berry picking in Maryland
3 - hours from home when we realized our GPS was set to avoid toll roads and added at least...
...2 - total hours to our trip each way
276 - cost of repairs to my car while we were gone
5 - size of Elden's first ever pair of Chuck Taylors (thanks Aunt Sally!)
1 - glasses of wine I knocked over
2.1 - hours spent at IKEA in Pittsburgh
363 - approximate miles traveled each way
3 - number of Sheetz stops
6 - doughnuts consumed by Jon and me in a 30-hour period
15 - approximate hours in the car round-trip
? - countless number of hugs and love our boy (and us!) received from Team Terrell
3 - number of Yahtzees I got
1035 (approximate) - number of times I complained about the game Yahtzee
1 - baby girls that called out in babble for our boy as we walked away from the fence at the orchard where they fell very briefly in love
5 - number of times Jon told me how much fun he had walking around Georgetown
1 - well-earned bath for the littlest visitor after devouring his ice cream cake

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