Friday, August 30, 2013

crumb explosion

The way Jon's class schedule worked out this fall we would have been required to send Elden to daycare full-time.

That's $65 more per week, or about $281 per month, which would actually put our monthly budget in the red. By a lot.

Ensue panic.

After a frantic email to our families, both grandmas came to the rescue and volunteered to watch our little guy 1 day per week to put us back under full-time hours and the way it worked out is my mom watches him some Mondays and Jon's mom watches him some Fridays (but he is at daycare the other 4 days each week). Can you say lifesavers?! Thanks, moms!

Anywho, today was the first day of grammy duty so last night Jon and I packed up the trusty Subaru with the pack n play and other essentials. The game plan was for me to leave (with Elden) by 6:30 so I could get to Jon's parent's house by 7 and work by 7:30 (my normal arrival time).

Natch, we got out the door around 6:37. We have a slew of things in the car to give to Elden to keep him distracted i.e. not screaming bloody murder the whole way so I handed back this cookie tin for him to shimmy shake. Welp, shimmy shake he did, until the half-full tin of cookies cookies that had turned into crumbs went EVERYWHERE.

Not knowing whether the ingredients had any rice in them (you'd be surprised at where rice derivatives pop up on ingredients lists) and fearing he could have an FPIES reaction if he ate some of them, I pulled off almost immediately. Luckily we were very close to a rest stop so I didn't have to risk pulling over on the brim and potentially getting hit. Aaand this is what I found:
This picture doesn't do the disaster justice. I'm not sure how I'm going to get the remaining crumbs out of the car--will probably invest in a little battery-operated hand vac--but I quickly removed what I could from his car seat and the back seat, as well as from Elden, and frantically continued on my way.

I got in at 7:45. So, not terrible. But I did learn a valuable lesson: never underestimate the genius of a 1-year-old.

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