Sunday, August 4, 2013

half bath reno: we pulled it off

You guys. The relief. Words cannot adequately convey the relief. It was one of those eleventh-hour type deals, but we managed to pull it off. All it took was a lot of hours, even more Googling, approximately 10 trips to Home Depot in a stupidly short period of time, and help from Jon's parents. Last I blogged about it, Jon had put up the wainscoting. I painted it (three coats on the wainscoting, two on the walls/ceiling) and then the fun began with the sink. Since this is the internet and sarcasm is not always readily transmitted, I will do you a solid and tell you that the 'fun' was quite the opposite. There for a good day or two we thought wall mount sinks wouldn't work in there. Luckily, I have a brilliant husband who pulled something together with no instructions or outside help. The man is genius I tell ya! Once the sink was up we tackled the trap and the porcelain throne. Jon made me turn all the water supplies back on for fear of water line bursts (they didn't!) and then promptly broke in the toilet. Because he earned it! #soproud
before the last coat of paint
with everything installed! 
mirror & towel bar installed; added toilet & floor mat
just a few things left:
-create and put up faux wainscoting similar to this
-remove baseboard heater
-fix Frankencoldwaterpipe
-paint wainscoting
-remove any lingering nails/holes in wallspackle
-paint walls/ceiling
-replace the disgusting cream-colored outlet and light switches
-refinish floors
-re-install and frame out bathroom mirror
-install new sink/trap/faucet we bought
-install new TP holder and towel bar
-replace ceiling light fixture
-remove disgusting old wax ring/random toilet remnants and replace/install new toilet

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