Wednesday, August 7, 2013


I decided to take a quick break from the last of the birthday posts to write a short landscaping blog.

Leading up to Elden's birthday party on Saturday, Jon's parents weeded all of our flowerbeds. I had done a pretty decent job of staying on top of that the first half of the summer, but when I got back from Germany at the end of June that week away combined with a record-breaking wet month had rendered our beds overridden. I hadn't had time to stay on top of it spare spraying some weed killer and it was a hot mess. Suffice to say, Jon's parents did us a SOLID by weeding them.

We also knew we needed to get clean dirt for around the house due to drainage issues that had caused some water damage in the basement before we had bought the house but had been holding off for Jon's summer classes to wrap up to order it. With the beds being freshly weeded, Elden finally healthy again and therefore able to be taken to daycare, and Jon not at work or school for the night, I called Fairlawn Landscape Supply and ordered 3 yards of 75% organic topsoil. It was delivered within a few hours and as soon as we put Elden down for the night we headed outside.

We laid and spread all the soil in the front beds and on the left side of the house, and we put piles around the remaining beds (but they still need spread). We also busted out some edging I had bought in May but we hadn't found a good home for and I am simply amazed at the difference some fresh dirt can make for a house.
Yes, our house still has janky and way too blue shutters. That's high up on my list. Also, I ordered about 1 yard too many of dirt, so we are in the process of trying to figure out what we want to do about that. We think we might try to cut out the bed along the right side of the back fence I discussed here and fill that with the remaining dirt, or we might try to even out our grass a bit with it...

To Do (in a perfect, happy world but will  be a multi-year project; this list is certain to grow):
-finish spreading the piles of dirt we already laid in the beds
-take down, repaint, put up all shutters
-move tree on left front of the house to directly to the left of the front door
-prune aforementioned tree and the front two boxwood plants
-transplant or get rid of the 2 boxwoods on the left side of the house
-cut out the bed around the tree in the backyard; spread dirt
-spread dirt in the yard to even it out (?)
-add a fire pit of some sort to the back
-finish laying paver stones for the trash can and composter to sit on
-remove the crappy wooden hand rails along front steps
-paint our rusting chain link fence, if possible
-plant a small tree in the front yard
-come up with a solution (leaning towards railroad ties) to lay along the steep front embankment of the yard
-finish putting up raised beds in the back; chicken wire around them
-edging and paver stones surrounding raised beds
-spray paint patio furniture we have
-add boxwoods to line the sidewalks in the front
-build/install lattice over side door/trash area


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