Monday, August 26, 2013

love yo'self

I've unofficially launched my own personal hashtag love yo'self campaign as of Saturday morning.

You see, when one has a one-year-old, no money for 'fun' purchases like fancy make-up, clothes, shoes, hair products, etc., and really no sense of style, it becomes quite simple to roll out of bed ten minutes before one must leave thus leaving little time to invest on one's physical appearance. I think I've worn the same five outfights during the workweek at least three months in a row. The standard hair style = low pony IF I had enough time to brush it that day. I'd even given the ever-popular 5-minute beauty routine a break and hadn't busted out the mascara or hair straightener in ages.

Needless to say, I'd begun to feel entirely frumpy because, well, I was. When one feels frumpy on the daily, one's sense of self worth takes a nose dive. When one's sense of self worth nosedives, one's marital relationship tends to suffer. Given my nerd background, I decided to throw together a quick plot illustrating my weekly struggle:

As a result, love yo'self was born. As part of this effort, I have:
-gotten a haircut that includes bangs which therefore requires at least some level of time investment in the morning as an attempt to strong-arm myself into spending some time on my appearance
-decided to start dressing more business casual for my very casual employer (dress for success, amiright?)
-reduce my daily ice cream intake to 1 bowl per day (I am currently operating at a 50% success rate)
-made a pact with myself that I will actually do my 5-minute beauty routine each day

I'll let you know how long this lasts... 

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