Monday, August 19, 2013

stir fry

I think I've blogged a similar recipe on here before, but this is a standard easy as pie recipe we follow to create a sort of stir fry. Note, this is definitely going to be different than any other recipe I posted because we used different ingredients, wok sauce and kept the rice separate from the rest.
-soy sauce
-Chinese 5 spice
-sugar snap peas
-baby corn
-sesame oil
-olive oil
-general tso's wok sauce

Cook white rice according to package instructions. In a wok, cook broccoli and carrots (which I diced first) in sesame & olive oil, seasoned with some ginger powder and salt. I use both oils because the sesame gives a nice flavor but (at least in our wok) does a poor job of preventing major sticking. While broccoli/carrot mixture cooks, cook cubed chicken (seasoned with Chinese 5 spice, salt, pepper and soy sauce) in separate pan. Once broccoli and carrots are cooked, add snap peas, baby corn, peanuts, and chicken. Add a dash of soy sauce and some of the wok sauce. The general tso's wok sauce we used we had actually gotten on special buy at Aldi and it was delish. Plate the rice, add the stir fry on top and add some additional wok sauce to taste.

Sorry for the lack of exact amounts. This is also probably obvious and straightforward, but it totally hit the spot for us last night. I'm even having the leftovers at lunch today and can't wait!

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