Sunday, August 18, 2013


I had considered attempting a more cohesive post for your Sunday, but my brain is all sleepy and I really only have random little thoughts to contribute to this space, so:
  • janky shutters no more! my parents were over today and helped us take them down. I'd like to get them painted and re-hung before summer's up but I'm in no real hurry since the front of our house doesn't look so weaksauce anymore.
  • ^^this guy. I was wearing my glasses at work on Friday (a rarity) and I just left them on for the drive home. Apparently, 1) Elden's never seen me in glasses and 2) glasses make me look WAY different. When he heard me come in he started toward the door in his happy face, but upon seeing the monstrosity that was my glassed face, he stopped, got an anxious look on his face, and turned around to crawl away. Not much later he wanted to be just like his mama.
  • There's been a lot of talk of the future in casa de flip lately. The main topic has been what life will look like upon the completion of Jon's B.A. in May, including but not limited to: if/when/how we'd like to expand our brood, the daycare/work/grad school sitch, and how we will ultimately educate Elden (public schools aren't really an option in this 'hood).
  • Ants. They're coming in our side door. How do we eradicate them?
  • We got to cuddle on 2 new babes this weekend: baby Josiah (to Heather & Paul) and baby Lucia (to Cristina & J.O.) and it was glorious. We always love hanging out with babes that don't have colic (read also: are calm, happy, and cuddly) because we're completely in awe of such behavior. Hopefully one day we'll have a baby like that...
  • Saw ^this shirt and had to get it for him. The bonus? It was on clearance for $2.
  • We made stir fry for dinner tonight that was PHENOM. I'll have to post the recipe because yum.

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