Friday, August 2, 2013


Due to lots of exciting things happening around here (namely vacation recaps & prepping for Elden's first birthday party this weekend), I will be writing the next few house-related things as they happen but delaying publishing them until I'm all caught up in other areas. As such, some of these might seem out of place but we are still frantically trying to get our half bath (among a few other projects) in working order before Saturday!

Things have really been coming along nicely in the half bath remodel. Yesterday (Tuesday), Jon was able to finish up our DIY wainscoting. To complete the look, he used liquid and real nails to adhere paneling to the walls. He then used various pieces of wood whose name escapes me to add all the trim and decorative features.

Our hope is to get everything primed and painted today so that we can begin the re-installation process of the toilet and sink tomorrow. Those are for sure our priorities because things like the light fixture, towel bar and mirror are not critical for people doing their business. In addition to finishing the bathroom, we need to finish cleaning, finish setting up for the party (including decorations), make a whole bunch of lollipops for the favors, make Elden's smash cake and do a whole lot of cooking over the next few days and that doesn't even include the house stuff I still wanted to finish up before his party. We have already had some late nights this week and it looks like it will continue in that direction between now and Saturday...

For those keeping track (aka me):
-create and put up faux wainscoting similar to this
-remove baseboard heater
-fix Frankencoldwaterpipe
-paint wainscoting
-remove any lingering nails/holes in wall; spackle
-paint walls/ceiling
-replace the disgusting cream-colored outlet and light switches
-refinish floors
-re-install and frame out bathroom mirror
-install new sink/trap/faucet we bought
-install new TP holder and towel ring
-replace ceiling light fixture
-remove disgusting old wax ring/random toilet remnants and replace/install new toilet

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