Friday, September 6, 2013

13 months

At thirteen months old, Elden is getting closer and closer to walking. He now cruises around the furniture and even got himself from sitting to standing (if only for a moment) without holding onto anything for the first time yesterday. He knows more words than we realized--I was saying 'meow' to him and he crawled over to his Legos and brought me his Lego cat. He signs 'eat' when he's hungry (read: all the time), 'more,' and 'done' with regularity. He likes to blow kisses and point to objects that have caught his attention. He is back to eating just about anything you put in front of him. His canines are coming in now so all we have left are the 2nd year molars. Firsts include: first carousel ride, first buzz cut, first zoo trip, first time being infected with hand, foot & mouth disease, and first time touching a horseshoe crab. He's newly interested in this touch book he has with different textures in it. He also loves rocking creatures--Jon's parents have a horse and my parents have a spider and he's equally amused by both. Finally, Elden is very intentional in figuring out this balance thing because he knowingly lets go of furniture now and smiles really big when you get excited about it. One last picture for good measure:

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