Tuesday, September 3, 2013


As if life decided it hadn't knocked us around enough lately, hand, foot & mouth happened.

Our poor little man.

I got a call from daycare last Tuesday mentioning a boy in Elden's room had gotten it as confirmed by his doctor Monday night. They then mentioned the bumps on Elden's lower chin and asked that we take him to be seen before bringing him back in to ensure he wasn't contagious as well.

I had a feeling that it was strictly teething-related (it was) but I obliged. High fives all around! No infectious diseases here.

Natch, I ate my words approximately three days later.

The bumps started on his bottom. Worked their way down his legs and up his torso. Luckily there weren't very many elsewhere and I think he's had a pretty mild case of it. Either way, his pediatrician told us that he could go to daycare as long as he doesn't have a fever, which he hadn't all weekend. We even managed to take a trip to the Akron Zoo to get out of the house yesterday and he did amazingly well the entire three hours we were there. No problem! Daycare tomorrow! High fives all around!
And then this morning happened and our baby was fevered and cranky and sad. Luckily my mom is on vacation the rest of the week and offered to watch him, but I certainly hope this fever breaks today and we come out unscathed tomorrow...

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