Sunday, September 22, 2013


Elden threw us for a loop today by sleeping until 7:10 (normally he's up before 6). This means his morning nap, which usually runs from 8:30-10, was quite unpredictable. Since it clearly wasn't happening, we decided to cash in a Christmas gift and have family lunch at Olive Garden. We ordered Elden a side of grapes and also gave him olives (which he often mistook for grapes and made quite the face upon discovering this dreadful truth), tomatoes, breadsticks, and a cheese stick/clementine we brought with us. When our meals came, he had some of Jon's chicken gnocchi soup but he definitely preferred my spaghetti with marinara sauce. Overall he was very well behaved for not having napped (that's what you get when you ply him with food) and the table next to us even made a comment about how he couldn't have done any better.

After lunch, he finally took a solid 2-hour nap. By the time he awoke Jon had left for work so Elden and I headed to the zoo. We're making sure to get our money's worth on this membership!
For the first time the otters were awake (but not swimming) and as we were heading out there was a keeper feeding the penguins. I like going at different times of the day because you never know what you're going to see.
The highlight of the day for me was the baby seahorses:
The highlight of the day for Elden was the carousel. Until it stopped. Then he yelled a lot of angry yells. Then he shed the world's largest crocodile tear while staring longingly at the carousel:
He fought us big time when it was time for bed tonight so I'm not sure if there's something going on with him or if it's as simple as he doesn't need as much sleep anymore. We're hoping it's a fluke because we've come to really enjoy our laid back kiddo...

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  1. Oh, those tears! :(

    Isn't it amazing just HOW MUCH things seem to get OFF when they wake up even 3o min earlier or later????