Wednesday, September 18, 2013


With a lot of issues weighing heavily on our minds, I've been feeling quite uninspired lately. I've also been trying to be very intentional about the time I have with Elden--waiting until he's asleep to clean up his high chair after dinner, pack lunches, clean, etc. As he continues to advance rapidly through toddlerhood I've come to the realization that he won't always think I'm one of the raddest people around I don't want to miss a single opportunity to smother him with kisses, make him giggle, help him walk around the house, or take him to the zoo.
rocking spider at oma and opa's
Elden isn't walking on his own yet - he leans very forward when he walks (while holding onto our hands) and his toes point outward (not pigeon-toed) so we're wondering if there might be some physical or physiological hindrance on his ability to walk. It could very well be that he just isn't there yet which is totally fine, but we're keeping our eyes on it regardless. From what I've read, if he's not walking by 18 months we should get him checked out just to be safe which gives him a solid 4 months to work it out.
cooler weather = cute baby hoodies
We're still weighing the heavy decisions of 'what's next' for our family with Jon's May graduation date growing closer by the day. The good news is there are several paths he could take that would work well for our family in one way or another. The bad news is there are several paths he could take that would work well for our family in one way or another. Please be praying for discernment for us in the coming months.

Jon's car isn't cooperating. We've reached the point where we might just need to bite the bullet and buy a new (used) one. We're getting it checked out next week to see just how brutal the repairs will be. He needs a new windshield--apparently something hit his windshield below the wiper blades so naturally we didn't notice it until the temperature dropped and a crack that's too big to be repaired propagated up the passenger side--which is around a $350 repair and there appears to be something pretty amiss with his fuel system. I think if the total cost for both of these items is more than a thousand we will seriously consider trying to trade-in for something younger (that car is a '98). This would mean the introduction of a monthly car payment which we currently do not have the funds for. Lots of big things to think through.
trying on our winter hats we got on clearance last spring. someone has a huge noggin.
I'm hoping things will calm down over the next few weeks and that some R&R will do us a world of good. If this happens I'm sure I'll suddenly find inspiration again. It's just hard to be airy and free-spirited when the world weighs so heavily on my mind. Until then...

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  1. On the Facebook FPIES board, there have been a few recent posts about gross motor delays. It seems that some FPIES Moms and Doctors think that FPIES can impact gross motor development. I wouldn't hesitate to contact your states Early Intervention program if you have concerns. Maybe a PT can provide some assistance.