Friday, October 11, 2013

fall haps

I hope to hop back on the blogging wagon with regularity very soon. In preparation for the big job transition I've been running around like a crazy person trying to figure out things like schedules. Since I won't be working in Cleveland anymore I won't be able to bring Elden to Jon's mom or my mom once per week so our schedule required some reworking. We also have the whole slew of physicals, blood work, etc. necessary to switch insurance coverage. Translation: we're pretty busy but for all good things.

Elden is a lean mean walking machine. He's certainly getting braver each day. Just the other night he walked from his crib to his dresser to me back to the dresser, etc. If you hold his hand while walking he will often let go of it and take off on his own. Unfortunately for him, he's inherited his mama's grace so he still tumbles on the reg. Maybe eventually he'll learn how to thrive in the feet he's been born unto!

I also celebrated my 25th birthday on Wednesday. It was quite low-key; Jon and I ordered take-out from Aladdin's after Elden went to bed. We're celebrating with my family and Jon's parents tomorrow night at P.F. Chang's, though, followed by a girls night out.

Elden also had the great fortune of inheriting his mama's eczema. He has it pretty bad in his left arm crease (the inside of the elbow) as well as on the back of his right knee. We've been applying a strict regimen of generic skin cream and prescribed hydrocortisone cream and I think it's finally starting to clear it up.

We've been doing lots of this while we still have the chance:

Elden has also been doing lots of this:
Which a dear friend pointed out happens to look like this:
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Tomorrow morning my friend, Nikki from Nine Zero Three Photography, will be taking our annual family portraits. You may remember her fame from our maternity sesh, as well as our Christmas cards circa 2011. We have some grandiose plans and I'm just hoping the weather, baby, etc. cooperate and it all works out the way we're envisioning!


  1. Glad to hear all is going well (albeit) crazy with the upcoming transition. Happy belated birthday to you. And...on that note...I feel old! Turning 30 (ahhhhh!) the end of this month.

  2. Try coconut oil on elden's eczema, Myles had it pretty bad last winter and that really helped. I also have a recipe for a simple homemade lotion that uses coconut oil and oatmeal, it s very soothing and healing.