Friday, October 25, 2013

fashionable friday

Let's be honest. 'Danielle' is hardly synonymous with 'fashionable.' Fashion was never a huge interest of mine. If given the option for a shopping spree I would request to use it at a grocery store because food. That being said, I actually have to dress up at the new gig which was not required at the last gig. While totally casual was super easy on the wallet and lifestyle it bred laziness. I'd sometimes wear the shirt I slept in to work for pete's sake. Since I am expected to look professional now it's actually fostered creativity and excitement in my life and I'm really enjoying picking out my outfit each day. Since this excitement is destined to wear off I wanted to occasionally document my experiences while I'm still in it to win it:
Disclaimer: I pose awkwardly for photos of just me
sleepy eyes @ 6:15 am
tired eyes @ 3:45 pm
The cardigan was a second-hand salvage from a coworker, the shirt is from H&M circa 2011 (?), the skirt is from Burlington Coat Factory from forever ago, and the boots are from one of those cheapy shoe outlet type stores (twelve dolla). I am well aware that I have about forty-seven colors in this outfit but that's me. Pushing the envelope since '88!

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