Monday, October 28, 2013

life things

Hi, friends.

I just wanted to give you a quick update about life things. I have officially been on the new job for a week and I am so happy there. I have already learned so much, I really enjoy the people I work with and for, and the flexibility slash 7-minute commute makes me do this each morning when I wake:
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Part of the flexibility includes going in later (much to my dismay) to keep us at part-time status at daycare. This has been a somewhat interesting transition for all of us because it means I get home right as Jon is getting Elden ready for bed. I don't like missing evenings with Elden and apparently neither does he--one night last week he heard the mail carrier outside, assumed it was me, and apparently collapsed on the floor in an unhappy ball for about five minutes (toddler eternity) when I didn't come through. Slay my heart with a wooden stake, whydontcha. We just keep telling ourselves it's temporary and trucking along.

Do you remember my short-lived quest to find a suitable PSL replacement? For my birthday, my big sissy got me this bad boy:
63 fluid ounces of liquid heaven
This has been a game changer. I think this beast is about $20 for 63 ounces. And you guys? No takebacks. I froze half of it to carry me well into 2014 and I think next year I'll just forego any store-bought PSLs for the big thang of syrup. I've been adding some to my coffee every day and HOLY JEEZ. Worth it.

This. Heart explosion.

As for miscarriage happenings, my hopefully last hCG draw is tomorrow. Please pray for the big fat zero. Other than that Jon and I are doing remarkably well. We have had so much support from family, friend and strangers alike that has just humbled us in a profound way. Thank you times infinity. When we found out it was going to end I told Jon I wanted to drink a bottle of some delicious champagne (not to celebrate, of course, but since I would be able to drink in general and more or less drown my sorrows... yes I know that is bad) when it was over. This is partly because I had nary a drink for my 25th birthday celebration (I faked-out my friends with mocktails that looked like cocktails... thanks barkeep for playing along!) and felt like I was owed some pleasure from such an overall awful situation. I had somewhat forgotten about it until Jon mentioned it on a grocery store run and I am so glad he did. I drank this whole bottle over a 4-day period. Solo. Because I'm a beast.
Okay, so maybe not handling it quite as well as I had previously thought. Don't worry, the next time a bottle graces our home will likely be 2015.

This. Heart explosion part deux.

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