Sunday, November 10, 2013

a recipe & video

Jon and I were talking and realized we finally feel like we've found our stride--the first time since Elden was born. If it wasn't colic it was general discourse in our marriage due to primarily miscommunications. In any event, it feels good.

On Sundays, Jon gets off work right as I put Elden in the tub. As such, he will often still be in the tub when Jon gets home. As soon as I hear the garage I will ask him where his Da is and he will shout and holler for Jon. Well, he's definitely found preference for saying "da" over "ma" and this is the result:

We had dinner to celebrate Jon's birthday on Friday and his grandma made soup just for Elden. The kid LOVES it. He had it for lunch and then at dinner I was looking in the fridge and asked him what he wanted--he promptly pointed to the soup. So he had soup for dinner and if I had to guess he's a big fan:

I had been craving sloppy joe's for a while and we also haven't had turkey for quite some time so I tried my hand at homemade turkey sloppy joe's for dinner and holy cow. So good. I modified the Pioneer Woman's recipe in the following ways:
-sub ground turkey for ground beef
-omit onion and bell pepper (please explain to me how I managed to marry someone who loathes two of my favorite food items)
-eyeball all measurements except for the water and ketchup
-omit red pepper flakes (didn't want it to be too spicy so Elden could have some)
-omit both optional ingredients
-add some onion and garlic powder, barbecue sauce
If you aren't a big ground turkey fan but want to eat healthier than ground beef I highly recommend going this route. I could barely tell it wasn't beef. Jon thought it was just okay, but he's not a big sloppy joe fan in general...

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