Saturday, November 23, 2013

christmas trees and lederhosen

So the good news is Elden is sleeping again! We took him to the pediatrician and they suspected he might have a sinus infection so antibiotics were prescribed and started immediately. That night he slept through! It's been mostly smooth sailing every since although there has still been the occasional wake up here or there. The bad news is this means there's still a decent chance we will eventually experience the dreaded 18-month sleep regression. For now I intend on taking advantage of every single sleeping opportunity I'm presented with, which includes procrastinating writing birthday thank you cards (yes, from October 9th) in lieu of a nap when Elden naps. Don't hate. 

With the return of mostly normal sleeping habits, mostly pleasant Danielle has come along for the ride. Work is going well--I continue to learn a lot and I so cherish the extra time I get with my guys each day. Last weekend I tried my hand at an ornament wreath and I intended to write up a tutorial on that bad boy but let's just say it still needs some work... especially after I burst through the front door today with six grocery bags on one arm and one Elden on the other and about fourteen ornaments fell off of it upon impact with the wall (it's currently on the inside of the door... story for another day). This morning we went to this amazing (free!) Christmas Tree Festival and when we left it was snowing and then we had hot chocolate so I am in a très festive mood. This Big Bang Theory themed tree was my fave:
There was also a tree made entirely out of ties that was amazing (and Jon's favorite) but I was too busy corralling Elden to take a picture of it. Speaking of--he has basically lost his baby face:
 Since we were hit with the first major cold snap in about 8 months, we busted out Elden's lederhosen (thanks Tilo & Karla!) to keep his hiney warm and oh my heart he is too cute:
don't mind the missing sock
I'm really loving this age. Elden has been particularly cuddly lately and even let me hold him and sing Itsy Bitsy Spider (five times, his request) before bed tonight. He's also finding his independence and doesn't want your help on a lot of stuff thankyouverymuch but loves it when he lays down on a blanket and you (and his da) pick it up and swing him side to side like he's in a hammock. In any case, it's fun and interactive but can also be quite challenging. 

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