Friday, November 1, 2013

fashionable friday

cardigan: second-hand/the limited, button-down shirt: second-hand/american eagle, skirt: second-hand/forever 21, accessory: first-hand/my uterus

If you haven't noticed, I don't do a lot of shopping for myself. I'd much rather buy for Elden or Jon if given the opportunity. Fortunately for me I have lots and lots of uber fashionable friends who bestow their gently-used items upon me. I did just purchase myself a pair of grey leggings (the black above are the only ones I had prior), a pair of flats for work and a blouse on clearance from JC Penney, and I am in the market for anther pair of boots. Unfortunately, being the frugal stingy buyer I am, I pass up just about every pair of boots that cost more than $15. I'm going to eventually try to get back to the mall store I obtained these boots at (they were about $15) to see if I can score a similar deal... that mall is just thirty-five minutes away...

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