Friday, November 15, 2013

fashionable friday

Sweater: (no idea)/second-hand from years ago, skirt: I lied last time, it's Forever 21, tights: JC Penney, boots: Walmart
I would never ever consider myself a 'fashion blogger' in any capacity as I recently stumbled into work and realized I looked JUST LIKE Amy Farrah Fowler (boxy knee-length skirt, tights, a button-down under a sweater) with the only exception being I was wearing my brown boots instead of clogs. In any case, I think I found a dynamite costume for next Halloween (perhaps I could convince Jon to dress as Leonard because he will never ever wear contacts) and Elden as a little Sheldon!?

Also, if you haven't yet (odds are you haven't) you should click over to my graze giveaway because given the current number of entrants odds of you winning a free box of snacks are stacked in you favor ;)

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