Saturday, November 2, 2013


When Jon and I finally embraced the dark side (smart phones) purely due to our inability to locate any decent non-smart phones at Sprint, I had only one app requirement: Instagram. I longed for the day I could take perfectly normal photos and artificially age them to share with the world to see how absolutely fabulous my breakfast was. My first phone was a Samsung Galaxy (I think the orig) and my desires were met. Unfortunately, the OS on that phone was pretty awful and I had a nearly impossible time making calls consistently. After a switch to a Windows phone I made the dreaded discovery that Instagram, being the cruel hipsters they (the collective 'grammers public at large) are, refuse to support Windows phones. My soul was crushed.

Fast forward a blur of dreaded time that I cried and cried over my mostly app-less Windows phone. I was making French toast while using a recipe as reference on my phone.

Let's just say I spilled egg white on the microphone of my phone. Let's also just say this isn't the first time an electronic device of mine has met a similar fate. I may be thinking of a certain one Toshiba Satellite laptop and some marshmallow fluff. RIP. Thank God for Squaretrade warranties.

Anywho, despite that fact that every.single.person. I spoke with on the phone since "the incident" always told me they were having a nearly impossible time talking to me "because it sounds like you're under egg whites water!" I was stuck with it because a) T-Mobile doesn't offer rebates/incentives to get free phones throughout the lifetime of your contract [you pay full price for the phone but that's why their plans are so so cheap] and b) despite a pay increase at the new gig we're also paying a lot more for our health insurance (granted the plan is a rockstar) so I'm not making much more after all that jazz than I was before so money is still tight. Also, it helped fulfill my grand plan to talk on my phone to anyone as little as possible because hello I prefer text and email. In any case, enough was finally enough and I sent out a plea for old T-Mobile phones on Facebook and lo and behold I am surrounded by upstanding people who had an old phone to offer me! My friend, Erin, sent me her old HTC my Touch (box and all and generally seeming brand-spanking-newery) for the low, low price of $13.75 (shipping) + $4.99 for the SIM adapter. Suffice to say THE PHONE IS A FREAKIN' ANDROID and the very first thing I did was download the 'gram.

So what I could have said in one sentence (find me on the right bar via the social media section slash @daniellefilipko) I summed up in approximately four paragraphs. You're welcome.

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