Tuesday, November 19, 2013

regression aggression

Hey. All you moms of kids older than 18 months out there. I have a pretty beefy bone to pick with you.

WHY DIDNT YOU TELL ME THE 18-MONTH OLD SLEEP REGRESSION WAS A THING? A horrible life-altering thing that turned me into the world's least adequate parent and grumpiest human being?

Now. I know Elden is not even 16M yet. This could also be the perfect storm of 2nd year molars (all other teeth are in), sickness and/or separation anxiety. I'm working on getting him an appointment to rule the illness thing out. But based on the last three? Four? weeks I have to think it's related to the sleep regresh. We're running on E over here. Last night Elden was up literally every two hours. It makes me wonder how we ever survived having a newborn.

In any case, I will likely be pretty quiet over here since we are simply trying to survive each 24 hour increment. Expect lots of follow up posts about our experiences (nightmares) dealing with this, including my general parental inadequacies (you know, like when I flipped my ish and screamed at my crying baby in his crib this morning to just stop crying already).  Because we fell into this completely unwarned and unexpectedly and I want to save you from the same fate. In the interim, you conspiring mamas who let me fall into this blindly, how on earthhhh did you survive it!?

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  1. Well. Crap. I'm sorry to hear this. Both for your part and for me (future me, at least). Just when you think you're getting the hang of things, you know? For what it's worth, I had a complete and total freakout/meltdown the other day when Ellie was majorly (!!!!!!) fighting yet another (poopy) diaper change. And then I had another freakout over that fact that I had a freakout over a diaper change.

    Hang in there, mama. So cliche but true: This too shall pass.