Wednesday, November 13, 2013


Yesterday was our first real snow of the season and as such I insisted on bundling Elden up so we could see how he reacted to it. I loved snow as a kid so I was definitely crossing my fingers that Elden would share my sentiment and give me an excuse to frolic in it once again.
He was a smidge hesitant at first but after a few minutes of gentle convincing he loved it! He was quite unhappy when we came inside about fifteen minutes later. As it happens, drool and freezing temperatures don't mix. Does anyone have a solution for this? We thought scarf but I'm worried he'd soak through it in five minutes and it would freeze to his face...

As for his gear, the hat is actually an adult winter hat that I got on a trip to NYC when I was 16, my mom got the coat on clearance at Marc's last season for $3, the snow pants I found (like new!) at Salvation Army for $2, his mittens are from last season (gift) and the shoes were buy one get one half off at Babies R Us a while back. Not too shabby!

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