Saturday, December 21, 2013

16 months

I had been putting off writing this tardy to the party entry in hopes of getting a picture of Elden with our good camera. Unfortunately, life got busy, Elden got sick, and I realized that it wouldn't be until at least his 17th month that I actually got around to taking the photo. Elden has added a few phrases to his vocabulary including bye bye, night night, and (my personal favorite) love you. He also says water, hot, brr (when he's cold... or when it's dark; he hasn't quite figured out they are not one in the same), dark, berries, cup, door, and chair. He adores the tree and garland on the stair railings and says "oooo" every single morning as we bring him down the steps. Elden will go over to where the bananas are, point, and say "nine-uh?" until you give him one. Unfortunately, he's had a 104-degree fever since Wednesday night and has thus been far from himself lately, but I think (hope) we've turning a corner this evening. Elden has been an overall fantastic kiddo lately. He engages you, loves playing games with you (his current favorite is closing the door on you if you are in the kitchen and he's in the dining room), and gives you kisses without even having to ask for them (sometimes). He loves his little recliner that his GG Pat got him for Christmas and having a pillow in his crib but has not yet figured out that the blanket in his crib is meant to stay on him for warmth.

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