Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 in review

Painted a chevron accent wall in our attic!

I found out Potbelly was opening near my work and I darn near fainted. Also, I think it speaks volumes that this was the most exciting thing that happened to me this month.

After two horrendous delayed onset vomiting episodes following the consumption of rice, we found out Elden had food protein-induced endercolitis syndrome, or FPIES, which is a little heard of food allergy. Elden also began sitting up with support.

We survived a work-turned-play trip to Chicago. Barely.

We did a LOT to the house in May. We also found out that Elden would almost certainly need to get tubes for the recurrent ear infections he had been suffering since the end of January.

Three year wedding anniversary. Elden got tubes. I went on a very last-minute business trip to Germany.

First night away from Elden for both of us at the same time. Jam-packed and last-minute half bath DIY remodel in anticipation of Elden's first birthday party. Virginia road trip to visit my second family.

Elden turned one!


We went apple picking for the first time as a family of three. Elden also began getting his bearings with walking.

Easily the most difficult month for us as a family. Unexpectedly got pregnant and shortly thereafter miscarried what would have been our second child. A bright spot was the family pictures that Nikki took of us. I also hit the big quarter of a century milestone.

I discussed why I think sharing the bad days of parenthood is important. I also whined about our life and revived my Instagram account.

Both my metaphorical heart and Elden's physical health were dealing with their own issues, but on the whole both problems seem to be healing.

In a lot of ways 2013 was good to us and in a lot of other ways it really sucked. Looking forward to 2014 with a hopeful heart. Happy New Year, ya'll.

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