Thursday, December 19, 2013

DIY bottled soda, chocolate bar & gift card teacher gift

As many of you know, Christmas is the time to give daycare teachers a little something extra to thank them for loving on your kiddo so well that year. This year we wanted to do something that was special but also simple. We headed to World Market and got a chocolate bar and special holiday soda for each of Elden's three teachers. Since this only amounted to a few bucks per teacher, we also wanted to throw in a Starbucks gift card for each teacher to treat herself. As for packaging, I wasn't quite sure how I wanted to present it. I did some Pinterest searches and turned up empty-handed. Jon and I decided to get creative to see what worked. I am SO in love with the end product:

Things you'll need to DIY this:
-bottled beverage (you can vary the type depending on the recipient... best friend?: wine. buddy?: beer)
-chocolate bar
-gift card (optional)
-tape (we used scotch)
-bow (optional)

Step 1: figure out how you want to arrange your gift. I did the center minimalist one in the shot above, Jon did the edgy tilted ones.

Step 2: put a little bit of tape on any of the surfaces that overlap (using the method where you stick the tape to itself to create a loop) and press together.
Step 3: wrap yarn around the stuck together items a few times, cut, tie in a bow.
Step 4: add gift bow to the bottle cap.

We had the yarn, tape, and gift bows already (got these at Walmart for $0.98 for I think 8 of them), so the only expense was that of the gifts themselves. I'm so excited to give them these and I hope they love them.

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