Friday, December 27, 2013

elden update

When we went on Tuesday, we got more bad news.

Elden's white blood cell count stayed about the same, but his neutrophil count went down to 500. His platelet count also went down to 117,000 with 150,000 being considered normal. We were unable to see Elden's normal pediatrician because he was out, but he had briefed the pediatrician we ended up seeing. Based on how Elden physically appeared (and was acting), she felt comfortable with us just waiting until Friday (today) to retest but needed to consult with the internal medicine attending at Children's to confirm they also felt like all of this was due to a virus. After a long wait we were given the all-clear to just repeat the labs/appointment on Friday. However, if Elden started experiencing a fever or abnormal bruising or bleeding we needed to go to the ER.

Luckily, none of that was necessary. We've repeated the labs and are waiting on our appointment at 10:40. We are praying Elden's counts have started to increase because he has not been symptomatic of anything since Monday. If they have not started to increase that is an incredibly bad sign and will likely warrant more invasive testing to figure out what's causing these low levels. No one (the doctors or us) expect this to be the case, but it is enough to make my mama heart quite apprehensive. We are appreciative of continued prayers until we get the results later this morning.

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