Tuesday, December 3, 2013

lean in (?)

We're holding on by the skin of our teeth over here.

Elden continues to wake 2-6 times nightly, often for extended periods of time. We would let him cry it out but he gets himself so worked up that he usually has an asthma attack so we have to go in to give him his inhaler anyway. So, why bother with the unnecessary drama?

All that's left in the wake of Elden-ado is countless cups of coffee, a half dozen donuts, and bags under our eyes darker than the northeast blackout of '03. Suffice to say, we're out of ideas and straight up exhausted. We have a date night planned for Friday but are contemplating calling it in lieu of a hefty round of naps. The jury's still out. So that's why I've been leaning in. Okay. I probably used that really wrong because I have no legitimate concept of what the eff that buzz phrase is. I'm really just saying that with the minimal energy I have you better believe I'm not spending it blogging. I hope to return soon because that would mean we are actually sleeping again but based on the last 3.5 weeks I'm not holding my breath.

Please pray for us. And send caffeine.

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