Wednesday, December 18, 2013

so about paul horner / the satire mega millions winner

A friend emailed me to tell me that she saw a link to this article posted on her friend's Facebook page. This is the image she saw when she opened it:

Yep. That's Jon from one of our maternity pictures. I think it's pretty obvious when you read the article about the creepy, childless, baby clothes-loving Paul Horner that it's satire. Jon is peeved because he doesn't like that the internet knows so much about him as it is and now presumably hundreds of thousands have seen his face. I'm peeved that all the comments on that article don't realize it's satire and have now associated my husband's face with the imaginary [perverted] winner. Nikki and I are trying to get in touch with the article/website writer(s) to take it down. But look at that. I guess this blog reaches a lot more corners than I knew.

Excitement for your hump day.

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