Saturday, December 14, 2013

the tree

Taking a break from the raw honesty series I seem to have gotten myself into to share something more upbeat. I also dipped a toe in the blogosphere today and didn't have any ugly meltdowns so that's got to be a good sign, right? Healing! Growing!


Jon and I took advantage of a night in yesterday to put up the tree. We first planned to do so while Elden was asleep, but then he took an unexpected (and very late) 2-hour nap so he was not ready for bed at his normal time. We decided to give it a shot with him awake and if it was a disaster we'd finish up once he finally went to bed. And guess what? Elden was insanely helpful. He would see which pile of branches we were pulling from and bring them over to us. Once the branches were all up we wrapped the lights while they were off. I wish we would have gotten video of Elden's reaction once I plugged them in. Ear to ear grin. As for the ornaments, 99% of the ones we own are shatterproof so that wasn't a huge concern at all, and just as he had with the branches, Elden would bring us ornament after ornament (often too quickly) to hang. It was a roaring success and this morning when he saw it all lit up he giggled. I am so glad that this is the way things shook out and that we got to include Elden in the festivities.
Sadly, he has been taking all the ornaments off the tree, but we intentionally didn't put very many on. He's also been moving those snowpeople all over the living room, wrestling them, kissing them, etc.

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  1. How fun to start a new family tradition:-) Our little one loves taking the ornaments off the tree too. I think next year I may buy her a small tree that is all hers and she can take the ornaments on and off all she wants!