Sunday, December 22, 2013

zoo date

Seeing that Elden is still feverish and we've been cooped inside for days and days, I decided to take advantage of the 60-degree weather and head over to the Akron Zoo. I figured it being the weekend before Christmas (and winter) that it would not be busy so we could get out without posing an infection risk to those around us. I was right as there were about 4 total other people there. This turned out to be a great trip--for the first time since we started going, the otters were out and swimming around the slide that dips through their enclosure! It ended up being just what the doctor ordered and really helped put Elden in a less cranky mood.

Do you spy two little otters in the upper right? This was on the slide.
This guy had quite an interest in Elden
I attempted to get video of the otters swimming around Elden on the slide, but it's pretty awful. Bear with me!:

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