Sunday, January 12, 2014

all the things

Since I don't have anything huge or exciting to report I figured the stream of consciousness style of writing I've been rocking in 2014 is probably the most appropriate.

Elden is no longer sleeping in. Insert huge weeping emoticon *here.* Silver lining: he's also not waking up before 6... yet...

I'm starting to really get the spring cleaning itch. When we moved from our apartment to this house I had no idea how much crap we had/would continue to accumulate. In all fairness we did add a third person to the team but we have boxes and drawers and nightstands of junk that we've either not looked at or even unpacked since we moved. I'm tempted to just throw out the unopened stuff and toss in the unsorted stuff for good measure but I'm married to one Jon Paul--the hoarder to end all hoarders. Case in point: the egg crate-sized box of torn and tattered pit stained tees in the attic. He hasn't so much as looked in its direction since April 2012 (almost two years, people!) and when I oh so gently indicated he should go through it to pull out any essentials and pitch the rest he despondently answered that that wasn't a box of smelly tees but rather a box of memories and how dare I suggest such treason! In any case, I have visions of giant storage tupperware and shelving units dancing in my head.

We went to my big sister's CRNA graduation last night. Have I mentioned how proud I am? So so proud.

Monica Potter was robbed at the Globes. 

Jon's harassing me to get off the computer and pay attention to him. I suppose I should oblige ;)

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