Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Since I'm 1) completely tardy to the party anymore on account of pure laziness and 2) we have finally shipped our good camera to the warranty place thanks to my dropping of it at the zoo at the end of November for repair or replacement, I'm going to have to settle for yet another crappy phone photo for this update. I am absolutely bonkers about this age (overall). Even though Elden has his defiant, stubborn, frustrating moments, they are far outweighed by the unsolicited kisses, hugs, and cuddles. He went through a brief phase of not wanting to eat anything but is back to devouring everything in sight, including especially his fruits and veggies. We are blessed on that front and this is not lost on me. He also had his ENT follow-up today and his hearing was checked for the first time since his tube surgery last June and it is perfect! We are immensely grateful. Elden's vocabulary continues to explode and I am beginning to test boundaries with him by allowing him to walk to the car when we go places on weekends (with just holding my hand). His compliance is about 50/50. He has been taking one fabulous midday nap (usually 1.5-3 hours long) and sleeps somewhere from 6:30p-6a every night. Elden can run, climb into chairs/on the couch, and has started trying to remove his pants (ugh). We haven't had any incidences of him attempting to climb out of his crib (shockingly) but I fear he will outgrow it by 2 at the rate he's growing. He LOVES chapstick, his easel and playing 'find mom/dad.' He exhausts us but we wouldn't trade it for anything in the world.

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