Sunday, January 26, 2014

the 312

What a weekend it's been!

I made a relatively last-minute and surprise trip to Chicago on Friday with my friend, Amanda, to surprise Angela for her 25th birthday celebration! This is a good time to say how much I adore and appreciate my husband for happily staying back with Elden for the night. I love you so much, Jon!!

My friends Kaycee, Steve and Hamza helped me with various aspects of coordination and around lunch on Friday we left for the city. We also got to stop in Indiana to officially meet a dear blog friend, Kim, and her precious babe, Kate. Naturally, I totally forgot to get a picture but I promise it happened!

The trip almost didn't happen because of the weather. They were calling for anywhere between 1-6" between here and Chicago Friday and Saturday. When we left it was sunny and Jon was optimistic that it wouldn't be as bad as they were predicting. It was mostly sunny the entire drive spare the occasional band and lots of blowing snow. When we stopped in Indiana to meet up with Kim the wind chill was in the negatives. We stopped at a Dairy Queen. We all got ice cream (won't stop, can't stop). It was a really awesome hour finally hearing the voice that belonged to a woman I've grown close to through the interwebs. Kim's brother lives about twenty minutes from me so I'm hoping for a repeat visit once the weather gets nice!

After our detour we made our way to Steve's apartment in Bridgeport. He was a fantastic host who had not only prepared a delicious dinner for us but also had a little surprise waiting for me: chicken salsa.
We hung out there for about an hour and a half, freshened up, then made our way to Hamza's, where Angela was congregating with a few of our friends. En route I realized I had forgotten to call Marcello's (best thin crust pizza in the city!) to order a pizza to take back to Jon so Steve looked up the number and we made a detour to grab it. By this point it was snowing heavily and I was a little panicky about the next day but obviously we made it back safe. Once we arrived at Hamza's we walked in the door and it took a solid 5-10 seconds to register a reaction from Angela (which ultimately consisted of a bunch of "what in the? How are you here?"s and happy tears). We proceeded to hang out, take a bunch of selfies, and be merry.

Around 10:15 we headed over to The Apartment in Lincoln Park. Before long there were about twenty of us dancing the night away (with a packed room of other randos). This was the first and probably last time I have ever shut down a bar. 
We headed back to Steve's at the end of the night where we passed out in preparation for the long drive ahead of us. 6:15 came around way too fast and we were packing up the car, making a quick Starbucks run, and starting the arduous journey home. The first half of the drive was sunny but windy. We ultimately got stuck for an hour by a semi that had overturned. We easily passed 25+ wrecks (and at one point the westbound lanes of the Ohio turnpike were closed due to a multi-vehicle accident) but the weather was rarely bad enough to make me nervous. That changed a bit once we got off the turnpike about 20 minutes from my house and it was essentially a white-out. It was a stressful end to the drive but we made it home safe in time for Jon to head out to work (shout-out to my in-laws for coming down in case we didn't get back before Jon had to leave!!) and I am so glad I got to celebrate Angela and see friends, including some I hadn't seen in 3+ years. I am also so glad to be home, not staying up until 2:30 am, and eating my chicken salsa and thin crust 'za. :)


  1. Sounds so fun! I loved getting to see you, too! There WILL be a next time!

  2. I am so grateful to have you in my life. Thank you for risking a lot and taking the time to travel,, arrange things and surprise me. love you lots! I am glad you had a fun time in the city and ate delish things.