Tuesday, January 28, 2014

the playroom

We had always planned on utilizing the finished attic as the playroom for our house. Now that Elden is actually at an age where he plays (and the attic is the warmest in the house with its electric baseboard heaters) we have been spending a lot of time up there. That warranted a bit of cleaning and organizing because things were just thrown into a pile. I'm content with the end product although I'd certainly like to build some storage shelves, reorganize the big storage closet up there (started that today, too) and put some additional lighting and curtains on the windows. The other half of the room (not pictured) is also in some serious need of TLC.
At one point we had grandiose plans of building a custom gate to separate the room but I know us well enough to know that will never happen. Jon daydreams about one day adding an addition to the back of the house that will allow us to convert the attic into a master suite (would need to also add a bathroom) and as nice as that is to think about I don't think we'll ever have the funds for such an overhaul. This space certainly has value to us in its current form, though!

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