Thursday, January 2, 2014

to new beginnings

With the new year we have decided to become regular attendees at a new church. The church we had been attending is a "mega church" and many of the problems that often plague huge churches along with some disagreements we had with their doctrine started to really move us towards the door. We began searching around October 2013 but nothing clicked (for lack of a better term). In early December we visited a much smaller church right down the street from our old church and it just felt right. The size was perfect at maybe 150 regular attendees and Elden was consistently happy to stay in their nursery during service; a feat that he had not made at our prior church. The pastoral staff reached out to us--at one point just one Sunday after we had met him we were waiting in the left turn lane next to the pastor and he immediately recognized us and rolled down his window to say hello (by name). We're excited about what this new church may have in store for us as we plug in. The only downside to this move is the fact that we are leaving behind a small group of incredible friends who have been nothing but kind to us since we arrived on the scene. We know this is not the end of our friendships but it is still a total bummer.

In lighter news, Jon and I shoveled the weezy out of our driveway tonight and I can't find greater satisfaction than a clean driveway. With the exception of clean sheets after a shower. SO FANTASTIC.

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