Saturday, January 18, 2014

type A

I'm incredibly type A. I usually can't relax if I see a mess and will refuse to sit down at the end of the night til the toddler is in bed, the dishes are cleaned and the toys picked up. This drives Jon absolutely bananas. If I had a nickel for every time he said, "babe, please just relax!" I'd be sitting on a small fortune. Well, I'm here with the ultimate [partial] cure. Are you type A? Can't get yourself to see past a mess and take a glorious 2-hour nap every weekend?

HAVE A TODDLER, YO. Even better... borrow a toddler. Go to a friend or relative, say "hey, give me your kid for the day," and you will a) never see them hand off a child and run for their lives faster, b) become their best friend and c) are about to experience partial type A relief. How do I reckon?

When Elden was first born, I took full advantage of nap time to clean or organize. I think this is partially due to the colic and the fact that he would never sleep more than forty-five minutes at a time in those early days. The rare moments he did sleep were literally the only ones I could get stuff done since he would otherwise refuse to be put down.

Now that he's into all the things he can possibly get into and not capable of being occupied by an object or person or thing for more than five minutes at a time it's all go, go, go. That makes me quite tired, tired, tired. Toddlers are basically just angry personal trainers. So when Elden crashes for his two- to three-hour afternoon nap I become probably a little bit too excited and enthusiastically fall into my own glorious bed. And the mess? Oh, my friend. Not only have I overlooked the mess, but I have embraced it. Seriously. This is what my bed looked like while I napped in it today:
I say partial cure simply because there is no possible way to ever completely squish the type A out of you. If you borrow a toddler for a prolonged period of time you will find yourself tackling random cleaning and organizational projects at 11 am when your toddler was supposed to be napping but decided unpacking all the giant storage containers you were trying to organize was infinitely more fun. You will also continue to admire your organizational handiwork despite the exasperated sighs of your significant other.
Don't mind me, I'll just be over here framing this to hang on my wall.

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